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Honda Compares CR-V To RAV4, Forester, Rogue

Honda Compares CR-V To RAV4, Forester, Rogue

Honda CR-V versus the world.

The marketing of midsize SUVs is the battlefield where fortunes are made. Families don’t want Honda Accords, Subaru Legacys, or Nissan Altimas, instead they flock to comparable brand SUVs for their preferred form of transportation. This battlefield is so hotly contested that Honda has created a series of ads that directly compares its CR-V SUV to the competition.
As a consumer, I’m sure you’ve seen a fair amount of car commercials on TV or when you’re trying to watch your favorite YouTube video. Today, instead of pressing the jump or run button to the kitchen for some snacks, we’re going to see three Honda ads in the name of science.
Honda’s first CR-V announcement takes the Toyota RAV-4 or Titan from this segment. Since the RAV-4 is the CR-V’s most powerful opponent, Honda makes a better case for its SUV. Honda claims the CR-V has more interior space than the RAV-4, offers a standard sunroof and heated seats, and is finally priced at $ 2,000 less than a RAV-4.
The series of announcements continues with comparisons to the Subaru Forester and the Nissan Rogue as other competitive Japanese SUVs that can take the market share of the CR-V. Ads like this can provide useful information, but listening to the information is essential. Like, for example, the CR-V base price comparison with a better-tuned RAV-4 XLE competitor.

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