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Opinion: were these the five best BTCC title battles of all time?

Opinion: were these the five best BTCC title battles of all time?

The British Touring Car Championship is loved by fans for its outstanding racing performance-this inevitably caused a lot of drama and occasionally caused controversy. When the 2020 season finally recovers, Autocar will support the series again, so you can inspire your appetite whenever possible. Here are the five most exciting showdowns in BTCC history.
People remember the BTCC era of the Super Tour in the 1990s, but there are very few championship fights. However, this battle did end in the 1998 classic, super competitive season. Eight manufacturers participated in the race, and nine different drivers won the race. At the beginning of the season, Rickard Rydell (Volvo S40) and Anthony Reid (Nissan Primera) clashed and they competed for the championship at Silverstone. Although Reed won the final, the Swedes won the championship.
4 – Fastest lap nets crown (2004)
In the early 2000s, BTCC’s racing was very low, but a series of intra-team battles between the drivers of the main Vauxhall team created a lot of drama. Yvan Muller (James Thompson) and James Thompson (James Thompson) in the championship battle in 2004 to the end of the Donnington finale. Thompson trailed Muller in the standings after the second game, and his hopes seemed to end with the French domination in the final. But Thompson struggled for the third place and won the title with a single point-he won the championship by creating the fastest lap in the game.
3 – Turkington’s unlikely comeback (2019)
Last year, BMW drivers Colin Tuckington and Andrew Jordan and Honda team’s Dan Kamish’s three matchup was full of drama. After two games with Cammish’s teammate Matt Neal, the championship leader Turkington seems to have no dispute. The large cost of starting from the 25th place in the final seems to be in vain-it wasn’t until Cammish developed later technical issues and withdrew from the race that the Northern Irishman won his record fourth BTCC championship.
2 – Controversial clash helps Harvey (1992)
In the Silverstone final, John Cleland (Vauxhall) leads Tim Harvey (BMW) and Will Hoy (Toyota) with a slight advantage. Their battle led to a controversial conflict between Cleland and Harvey’s teammate Steve Thorper. With Cleland leaving, Harvey won the fourth place and the title.
1 – Sears vs Sopwith (1958)
The first British four-door sedan championship has multiple levels. Jack Sears (Austin A105) and Tommy Sopwith (Jaguar Mk2) ruled their divisions and ended the year with the standings, so the boss of the series is in Brands Hatch (Brands Hatch) tie-break, the two in a pair of Lotus Riley (Lotus Riley) for two five-lap sprints 1.5 seconds Sears (Sears) dominate and won the championship.

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