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Endangered animals

Dodo is an extinct bird that inhabited the island of Mauritius. Dodo was about one meter in size, and could weigh from 10 to 18 kg, and did not know the presence of the Dodo only through drawings and accounts written from the 17th century, was the first dodo event recorded by Dutch sailors in 1598, and in the years that followed, humans hunted these birds and were extinct by s. The pigeon pigeon was one of North America’s most prolific native peoples, one of the world’s most abundant birds, and since the early 20th… Read More »Endangered animals

the most beutiful animals

Salamanders are the only vertebrate people at any age who can replace their skin, limbs, tail, jaws, and spines. In the flip side, as young children, people can grow damaged limb buds as embryos and fingertips. The squirrels have a strong maternal instinct, it turns out. A 2010 study conducted by researchers at Guelph University found that the animals would… Read More »the most beutiful animals

Snow leopards have less developed vocal cords than their big fellow cats, which means they can’t roar, but instead make a purr-like sound called a… Read More »

50 animals amazing

Humans aren’t the sole animals WHO relish a drink or 2. A 2015 study printed within the journal honorary society Open Science reveals that chimpanzees in Guinea had a keenness for uptake hard palm sap, obtaining tiddley within the method. And for additional information that you simply will tell individuals, check up… Read More »50 animals amazing