Fisker Ocean To Get The Off-Road Treatment

Fisker Ocean to get the off-road treatment

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Is this the off-road SUV You’ve been waiting for?

The Fisker Ocean SUV may still be a few years away from production, but that hasn’t stopped Fisker from introducing a new off-road trim for its fledgling SUV. The Fisker Ocean is meant to bring green EV performance to the masses thanks to its affordable base price and impressive EV stats, but are they customers interested in an off-road Fisker, or is it an attempt to get attention while figuring out how to build? Your SUV in time for the production date 2021?
When the Fisker Ocean SUV was revealed before the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, it took the world by storm. Fisker promised that Ocean SUV customers would benefit from a starting price of just $ 37,000. To reserve an Ocean, prospective customers can deposit a $ 250 deposit to get online for the production start date of 2021.
In addition to the impressive prices, the Ocean SUV offers similar performance to what you would expect from a much more expensive Tesla. The Ocean boasts a total output of over 300 horsepower that drives the Ocean from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. Fisker claims that the Ocean will have a range of 300 miles and will use a fast charger to gain 200 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging.
Fisker plans to unveil the off-road version of the Ocean SUV in 2021 to show the application of the electric SUV as an electric alternative to current military transportation and the replacement of a gasoline-powered off-road vehicle. Fisker claims that the low center of gravity provided by the battery pack is a huge plus for the off-roader in addition to the torque of electric motors.
Would you take a Fisker Ocean on the next Electric Hummer? Or would you rather stick with a tried and true Land Rover Jeep Wrangler for your off-road adventures?
Source: Top Gear

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