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H&M Tests renting clothes to address environment concern

Following within the footsteps of its competitors, H&M has begun venturing into the article of clothing rental business, as reported by Business of Fashion.

The business model can grant members of its loyalty program access to fifty clothes that they will rent for a given amount of your timefor about $37 per week in the national capital, Sweden. when a shot of 3 months, H&M entity Hennes & Mauritz AB can assess the time and choose whether or not to expand the program’s offerings and reach or not. the choice to check an article of clothing rental service is that the brands try at addressing issues of the style industry’s impact on the settingsignificantly the greenhouse gases expelled by an article of clothing factories.

Daniel Claesson, H&M’s head of business development, expressed “we have an enormous belief in rental, however, we have a tendency to still need to check and learn quite heap and do tweaks and changes.”

While dealing with an article of clothing has evidenced triple-crown for competitors’ land and concrete Outfitters in 2018, the model isn’t while skepticism. Credit European nation analyst Simon Irwin remarked with doubt: “I’d be shocked if you’ll very create it work as a business model,” claimed Irwin. “I can’t see that the sort of labor price concerned in an exceedingly rental model at those worth points very is smart.”

The construct look — that could be a refurbished store settled at Sergels Torg in the national capitalSverige — to initially implement the service also will feature its article of clothing repair services and an eating house.

Earlier in Sep, H&M conjointly proclaimed it might stop sourcing animal skin from Brazil to handle the Amazon timber wildfires

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